Clicking on Settings menu at the left menu bar or APP Settings box in the middle of dashboard page take you to the app's settings page.

App's Settings page has various options as described below.

1. Products should be published?: 

This option belongs to the default Published status of the Shopify product imported using this app. You can choose one of the below two possible values.

    - Published

    - Hidden

2. Default Tags: 

If you want to add a tag to the products imported using this app, you can define that tag here. 

3. Inventory Synchronization: 

When this option is enabled, the app will check the stock status of the imported products once in a day and if it found any product out of stock or unavailable on the amazon, it will mark it out of stock on Shopify as well.

4. Price Synchronization: 

When this option is enabled the price will be updated from Amazon to Shopify once in a day. 

5. Add Amazon Buy Now Link

You can choose one of the below options here.

Redirect users from Product page: If you want to redirect your Shopify store's visitor to amazon page with your amazon affiliate links, you can setup this option. When you choose this option, the customer will purchase directly on amazon and you will get commission on your Amazon Associate Account.

Please note that you must have your Amazon Associate Account to use this feature.

Don't redirect user to Amazon: If you choose this option, your store's visitor will not redirect to the Amazon and you will get orders on your Shopify store only. You have to take care of order fulfillment. This option is similar to the Drop-shipping model. 

6. Text on Button:

If you choose the option Redirect user from Product page as mentioned about, you can use this field to define the text of the button which will be shown on Shopify's product page in place of Add to Cart. The default value is View on Amazon.