Clicking on Products menu at the left menu bar or Manage Products in the middle of dashboard page take you to the products page showing all active products from your Etsy seller account.

The products page looks like the below screenshot.

Below are the list of features you can use to import products to your Shopify store.

Import products to Shopify

One by One

You can click on the Import Now link in front of any product to push that product to Shopify store. 

Select Multiple Products

Tick the checkbox in front of all products you want to push.

Go to Actions menu and click on Import Selected Products.

Import All Products

If you want to import all of your active Etsy listings to Shopify in one click, this is the best option for you. Go to Actions menu and click on Import All Unblocked Products

Please note that in any of the above three methods when you push some products to Shopify, they will gets added in App's queue and time taken to process them will depends on the number of Etsy listings you have pushed.

Below are some more options you can use at this page.

1. Block Any Product: 

Clicking on the Block link in front of any product will mark that product blocked in the app.  When you block any product, it will:

    - Not gets imported to the Shopify when you do the bulk import using the method (Import All Products) mentioned above.

    - Sync service (If enabled in the settings) will not do any changes in quantity/price.

2. Unblock Any Product: 

Clicking on the Unblock link in front of any product will mark that product unblocked in the app.

3. Re-import Any Product: 

When listing information like title, description, images etc gets updated on the Etsy for any imported product, you can use this option to update Shopify product.

Clicking on the Reimport link in front of any product will push that product to re-import queue.

Please note that when you re-import any product, app will delete that product from Shopify and re-import it using the latest listing information from Etsy.

4. Delete Any Product: 

When you want to delete any product from Shopify, click on Delete link in front of any product.