If want to keep the prices on Shopify higher/lower than on eBay, you can add markup on the price of the imported products in this section.

Clicking on Price Rules option under Settings menu at the left menu bar or at the middle box of dashboard page take you to the app's Price Rules Settings page.

Price Rules Settings page has various options as described below.

1. Enable Price Markup: 

When this option is enable, it will add a markup to the price of imported product. The markup will be applied based on the values of the below mentioned fields.

2. Markup Type: 

You can choose one of the below two possible values.

     - Fixed Amount: Use this when you want to markup fix amount to product price.

     - Percentage: Use this when you want to add percentage markup to product price.

3. Markup Value:

This value will be applied to the product price based on the Markup Type chosen.

Add negative value here if you want to keep prices on Shopify lower than from eBay.

4. Markup Round Off: 

You can choose one of the below two possible values.

     - Round off price to nearest 0.99: Choose this when you want to round off final product price on Shopify to nearest 0.99.

     - Do not round off price: Choose this when you don't want to round off product price.


By default any update in these settings will be applied on new product imports or price change events.