1. Clicking on Products menu at the left menu bar or Manage Products in the middle of dashboard page take you to the products page.

2. The products page looks like the below screenshot. Click on Add New button to start importing Amazon product to Shopify.

3. Choose the Amazon category and enter ASIN or Keyword to search the product you want to import.

Please note that if you see different screen than the one showing in the above screenshot, that means you have not added amazon AWS keys of your Amazon Associate AccountClick here to know how to connect your Amazon Associate Account or Click here to know how to import Amazon products without connecting it.

4. You will see the list of amazon products based on the category and keywords you have entered. Now you have the below two options to import any product to Shopify.

    - Import Product: Clicking at this button in front of any amazon product will import that product to Shopify. This option will not import the variants of the Amazon product even if available.


    - Import Product With All Variants: This button is visible for the amazon products having multiple variant options and clicking on this button will import the amazon products with all its variants to Shopify.

Clicking on any of the above mentioned button will show a success message as shown below.